Terms of Service

1. Acceptance of Terms — By using Wave Terminal, you're agreeing to these Terms of Service. If you don't agree, please don't use Wave Terminal.

2. Description of Wave Terminal — Wave Terminal is a development tool offered by Command Line Inc. We provide it "as-is" for your development needs.

3. No Warranty — We don't offer any warranties for Wave Terminal. This means we're not responsible for any issues that arise from its use, including any losses or damages.

4. Limitation of Liability — Command Line Inc. won't be liable for any indirect or direct damages that result from using Wave Terminal. This includes any data loss, profit loss, or any other type of loss.

5. Data Collection — We may collect anonymous data to make Wave Terminal better. You can choose not to share this data with us at any time through the software settings.

6. ChatGPT Use — Wave Terminal provides a free cloud-based ChatGPT integration. By using this service, you agree not to engage in abuse, fraud, or any illegal activities. Note that this term applies only to our cloud-based ChatGPT integration; it does not apply if you use your own ChatGPT API key.

7. Changes to These Terms — We might update these Terms from time to time. We'll post any changes on our website at https://www.waveterm.dev/tos.

8. Dispute Resolution — If you have any issues with Wave Terminal, we'd like to resolve them. We agree to first try to resolve any disputes through mediation before going to court.

9. Governing Law — These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Delaware, USA. Any disputes or claims related to these Terms will be resolved in accordance with Delaware law.

10. Contact Us — Have questions? Contact us at support (at) waveterm.dev.

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